How to Prepare Your Idea For an iPhone App

1. Thinking of an concept for your app

Have your ever heard of iFart? That simple little app simply play the sound of a fart while urgent a button and make more than $50,000 after a month.

Thinking of an idea isn’t always so tough, you just want to make sure if it may skip this type of questions:

Does it make life better? You discover a hassle vist and think of an concept to resolve it. That’s without a doubt a valuable idea.
Does it have a selected target market? Working in a selected area of interest gives lower competitions and extra possibilities.
Is is a humorous one? If your app could make people snicker, it may be the golden one.
Is your app better than those inside the identical class? Find different a success apps that may be more suitable extra and consider a higher concept.
Does your app require lots interplay? For instance: video games, utilities… That requires motion from customers.
If there’s a “sure”, you could pass on to the next step.

2. Get to know the iPhone/iPod Touch UI and studies your competitive apps

Download the pinnacle apps in every category and attempt all of them to get a feel for what you have to and should not do on your app.

Then find the similar packages and examine them. Look at what different people are doing and don’t make the equal errors.

You need to imagine how you will construct your app and make it unique from the similar apps within the marketplace. What makes your app special? How to make your app better than the opposite ones?

Finally, who will use your app? Think approximately how actual-life intersects design. You may additionally have a terrific concept, so that you have a good target audience. But who are they in details? What do they need from your app?

For instance, in case your app is a recreation, maybe they want to overcome their excessive scores or perhaps they want extra levels of your sport which you may update in later releases…

3. Sketch your idea on a sheet of paper

What will your app display on the main display?
How to move from display A to display B to screen C?
What are the dimensions of each elements?
What is the format of your app?
Sketch all of them out. This is crucial. Imagine to use your app as an end user even earlier than it is developed. This will assist loads while you start to construct your app.